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New Year Agenda

January 6, 2012 by Sai in Urban Affairs with 0 Comments

By Sabah Hadi:

A New year is about a new self, new resolutions (which remain, for many like me, new even at the end of the year), new hopes, new prayers. So I decided why don’t we have a New Year agenda to kick-start this year of which we know so little just yet. Maybe an agenda can spur us on to do more than we did last year and to help us accomplish things we set out to do. Here is my agenda for 2012. Feel free to add your own.

1.       Forget Jan Lokpal Bill, Anna Hazare (although you cannot but admire the man for sticking to his cause despite opposition and ill health) and his disorganised team. Let each one of us in India and abroad do away with corruption in our daily lives. Don’t bribe the immigration officer, prepared to be fined for not carrying your license, don’t take the wrong turn and expect to be excused with a few crisp bank notes. Make sure whatever you do, do it with the discipline of a responsible citizen, not a corrupt individual.

2.       Make a fitness schedule and stick to it- one hour of increased heart rate- no less at least 5 days a week. Indians are known to be obese, what with our low fitness quotients. This year let us make an individual effort, which will if done responsiblY go on to become a collective strive towards a healthy life and a less painful death(when it comes).

3.       Make procrastination last year’s activity. This year let us do today what we have to do tomorrow and let us do now what we have to do later. Daily lists are helpful, not only ON smart phones, even a simple pen and paper list stuck to the fridge or on the desk works well. Maybe this year, we can speed up things and hope that others too. That will help clear the backlogs of court cases in India and bring criminals and trouble makers to task- no more delays.

4.        Do what you have always wanted to do. My to-do list when I was growing up was colourful and varied- I wanted to be a trapeze girl, a commercial airline pilot, write a bestselling novel, start a successful business and other mad ambitions. I am going to try to live at least two of those dreams this year, what about you?

5.       Keep working at all the things that are part of your life: family, kids, spirituality, career(s), health, relationships, friendships and everything else. The key is to work and try not to think a lot on the outcome, which, I know, is easier said than done. Whoever said, life is easy anyway?

Although this list has tapered down from being concrete to being philosophical, it is really the simple things in life when done right that make the difference. The difference that will make 2012 positively different. Happy New Year!

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