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Begum Tricked

March 7, 2012 by Sai in Kids Stories with 0 Comments

The Empress was very fond of her dear brother Suleman Khan. She wanted the prestigious post of Wazir for her brother. However, the Wazir’s post was occupied by Birbal. The Empress was well aware that Birbal was a brilliant courtier and was apple of Akbar’s eye. Nevertheless, she decided to plead with the Emperor for her brother. In the evening, when Akbar returned to the palace, the empress said, “Jahanpanah my brother is an able person. Besides this, he is your relative. He must get prestigious post of Wazir.”

The Emperor exclaimed, “Begum, Wazir’s post requires extraordinary intelligence and vast administrative experience. Your brother is novice in this field. Besides this there in no negative reason to remove Birbal.” The Empress was adamant. She sternely replied, “Jahanpanah, if there is no reason, then get some excuse for his removal. Give him some work which he could not do.”

The puzzled Emperor asked, “Cite me some job for him which he probably could not do.”

Hmm! “Begum thought for some time and then said, “Jahanpanah, tomorrow evening while walking in the palace garden, you ask Birbal to call me from my palace. He will never succeed in his task. And then there will be at least one reason for his removal.”

The Emperor agreed. The Empress was very much sure that Birbal would certainly fail this time, as he could not force her to appear in the palace garden.

On the next day when Akbar was strolling in the garden, Birbal accompanied him as per the practice. The Emperor pretended to be disturbed. Birbal asked Akbar the reason for his worry. Akbar said, “Birbal, the Empress has displeased with me and refuses to talk. You know how much I love her here.”

Birbal agreed and left from there. He at once approached Begum in the palace. Begum was waiting for his arrival. Birbal said, “Begum Sahiba, the Emperor is in the palace garden. He wanted you there –!“ Hardly has he completed his sentence a messenger entered the chamber and whisphered something in the ear of Birbal. A few whispering words fell in the ears of begum, “……..very beautiful………No ………no! no need to come……..!” the messenger then left. Birbal then turned towards begum and said. “Begum Sahiba, sorry for the trouble, now you are no more required there.”

Birbal was gone but the whispering sound was still resounding in the ear of Begum. “about whom the messenger was saying – -, it seems a beautiful maiden – - but what she is doing in the garden? It seems because of her Emperor stopped me from coming there —– !” thought the Empress who was badly disturbed and suspicious. She kept on thinking for a long time. At last unable to bear her distress and envy, she rushed towards the garden. When she reached there, she found Akbar alone. Seeing her there, the Emperor asked, “Begum, you had vowed to force Birbal fail this time. But it seems the whole thing turned in the favour of Birbal.”

The Empress was ashamed, “ I have been fooled by Birbal. Once again Birbal succeeded. However, I accept his wisdom and take back my words. I will never pressurize you to remove Birbal from his post as he is the most suitable person for it.”

The Emperor smiled and praised for Birbal in his heart.

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