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Mum of the Month

Mum of the Week – Rajee Vijaykumar

May 22, 2012 by Sai in Mum of the Month with 2 Comments

Name : Mrs Rajee Vijaykumar

Profession : Company Director

Kids: 2… one boy and a girl

Born and Bought up – I was born and brought up in India. After the marriage I settled down in UK. I did further studies in UK as well.

How long have you been in UK? What is most interesting about life in UK? 

I have been living in UK more than 22 years. But in the middle for childbirth and get the comfort of the family after childbirth, for few years went back to India. The most interesting about living in UK is you live for yourself rather than pleasing others.

Do you think that being a mum changed you as a person? If yes, what would you say are the changes?

As a mother my personality did not change in any way. While doing business I slide in to my business shoes and when with children and family taking off the business shoes is the only difference I have to do. My husband helps me in so many ways to do the business. If I take up a project I will not intrude in to his business affairs and he will not intrude in mine. This helps a lot for both of us to respect each other’s views and opinions. In the beginning i used to work for DSG Group which gave me enormous confidence to live in UK and gave me very good communications skill. Though my English was always good but it is slightly different with different accents and local usages etc. After few months I completely adopted in to new fantastic surroundings very well.


Did you feel there were any challenges in raising a kid outside India? If yes, what were the challenges?

Raising children is quite a challenging anywhere in the world now with internet and social networking. As long as we guide the children till certain age and encourage them to have good set of friends this should not be a problem. The best is to NOT pushing our ideas in to their heads with they will rebel. But every child is different some need constant attention but some need space. We can judge by having constant good fruitful communication rather than nagging.

What festivals do you celebrate as a multi-cultural mum?

I like to celebrate Diwali from my childhood. Living in UK made me celebrate Christmas as well for my Children.

What kind of fun activities you do with you kid and for yourself in UK?

I like to do Aerobics especially Zumba classes which I adore. I briefly learnt Classical dance and other folk dances in India. I like Classical Carnatic music and finding Ragas are my favourite hobby. I like to read books and internet surfing. As a family we would to play cards, scrabble, going to plays, shows, temples and fine restaurants etc.,

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  1. Rajee VijaykumarMay 31, 2012 at 12:53 pmReply

    Hi Rakhi Thank you for your encouraging words I am honoured

  2. Rakhi SinghMay 23, 2012 at 9:14 amReply

    Wonderful to know about you Rajee. You are simple yet very bubbly and social. Keep it up!

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